Summer Veggie Garden Planting

Summer has begun and there is still time for planting your summer vegetable garden.  We use mostly starts to create a diverse and delicious assortment of herbs, flowers, and veggies to use in your kitchen from summer into fall.

Planter Mound Drip.jpg

Simply plant out any vegetable starts that you want to grow this season.  Summer crops include cucumbers, eggplants, hard and soft squash, hot and sweet peppers, melons, potatoes, and tomatoes along with any herbs and flowers you enjoy having around.

After you have planted your veggie starts, water them in well. And don’t be shy on filling your yard with garden mounds and planters to get a lot growing!  We suggest using drip irrigation to minimize water waste and to get the water straight to your planted areas.

This is what our summer veggie gardens look like in full bloom, most of the plants will be harvestable until November in our climate.  After harvesting all of that, you can start seeding and planting for your winter garden.


One of the few problems you will face with a summer garden is overabundance, so be prepared to share your food with friends and neighbors.  Get creative with recipes and keep in mind that pickling and jarring will be great for keeping your foods for longer since being able to consume it all can be a challenge.

Corten Planter.jpg

Any size container will do to grow food in your own backyard. Here is a a featuring of our corten beds full of summer herbs, flowers, & greens. Happy growing and eating from your backyard this summer! Contact us today to help design, build, or prepare your gardens for seeding and planting.