Our Roles and Services: Los Osos Septic Decommission & ​Repurpose Program

Carmichael Environmental is a full service, local landscape design and build company that is prepared to work on septic decommission projects as the sewer hookups are completed.  We are experts in rainwater, greywater, and stormwater collection (LID) systems.  We specialize in holistic design practices using edible and native plants and natural building materials.  We are SLO Green Build members, licensed to pull permits, and our employees have gone through the county training program. We are ready to sanitize and convert tanks for rainwater/greywater infiltration or catchment on your property. 

We offer the following services for septic tank repurposing:

  • Sanitation: We are certified to run sanitation tests on existing tanks so that they can be permitted for reuse.  We will file ePermits for all projects.
  • Rainwater Infiltration: We can run stormwater piping to your tank for groundwater recharge.  The water will flow into the ground through the existing leech field and/or a perforated septic tank.
  • Rainwater Catchment: We can run roof runoff piping to your tank and install a pump to connect to the landscape irrigation system.
  • Greywater Catchment: We can run greywater piping from the home sinks, showers, and washer to the tank for garden irrigation or toilet flushing.

Our general landscape services include:

  • Clean up and removal of on-site debris or excavated landscaping
  • New design plans following sewer connection
  • Installation of garden features from walls and patios to planting and irrigation
  • Greywater, rainwater, and stormwater collection systems for reuse
  • Organic Landscape Maintenance for year-round garden care

Call us today or visit our website for more info on our services, see our project galleries, find helpful articles & videos, or sign up for upcoming events & workshops.

* We do not do septic tank pumping, inspections, or lateral line connections to the sewer system.  We can refer you to one of our general engineering partners that are licensed strictly for this work.